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Useful Trip Info
  • Bring all your gear including full tanks for each dive you plan on doing…we have no extra dive gear onboard, no tanks and no weights.
  • Reserve rental gear during the booking process and have it waiting on the boat for you…it’s easy!
  • The Silver Prince will be on K-dock at the loading time and will leave at the departure time (or slightly earlier).
  • If you’re new to cold-water diving or new to California boat diving please consider signing up for the divemaster guided tour; it’s the safest and most enjoyable way to be introduced to Monterey diving!
  • We have space for your dive bags and boxes but please pack reasonably.
  • Save yourself time by printing and filling out the waiver before you come to the boat.
  • When you arrive at the Silver Prince:
    • Hand the crew your extra tank (or tanks) and they will stow them for you.
    • Assemble your scuba unit at a station. Some people assemble their gear before they board, which is good too! If you tend to get sea sick, assembling all of your gear and partially donning your suit before the boat leaves the dock will make your tummy happier.
    • Once you’re done setting up your gear the crew will be happy to stow your dive bag for you while you fill out a waiver.
    • Before we leave the Captain and Divemaster will do a safety briefing and roll call.
  • Let the crew know if you have any special requests, we’ll try our best to accommodate you.
  • Tipping is never required (but always appreciated!). The customary amount is around 10% or $10/tank; if you feel the crew did a good job and worked hard to make you comfortable and your day fun and safe then show some love in the tip jar!




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