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Seasickness & You

Sea Sickness Sucks. It’s okay though because 90% of divers experience it at least some of the time. So, unless you are absolutely certain you don’t get seasick please, please, please take medication starting well before the trip!

What is Seasickness:
Basically when your body’s inner ear balance system tells your brain you’re rocking back-n-forth but your eyes tells your brain everything is stationary (like tables, chairs, your dive gear, etc). Your brain can’t decide who to believe so nausea and vomiting ensue.

What makes seasickness worse:
• Heavy seas (duh, right!)
• Going into the cabin or any place you can’t see the horizon.
• Dehydration, or eating sugary or rich foods.
• Being cold or tired

How to avoid it:
• Start taking a medication you know works for you THE DAY BEFORE THE TRIP
• Assemble your gear and don your suit before we leave the dock
• Stay on the deck in the fresh air.
• Keep your eyes on the horizon or shore. Some people find it helpful to face forward when the boat’s underway.
• Avoid focusing on your gear for more then a few seconds at a time.
• Ask our crew for help

• Ginger: Real ginger works sometimes for some people with very mild sea sickness
• Wrist Bands: some divers swear by them, others swear at them. There is no evidence that they do or don’t work.
• Bonine (Dramamine II): Unlike its older cousin Dramamine, Bonine is considered non-drowsy. Some divers still feel drowsy but to a lesser degree. Many divers find Bonine works in cases of moderate seasickness but only when you start taking it a day or two before.
• Scopolamine (Prescription behind-the-ear-patch): Most divers find it very effective for seasickness. Occasionally ½ a patch is most everyone can tolerate. See your doctor!

I'm seasick, now what:
• Let our crew know
• Move to the handrails forward of the dive deck
• Throw up
• Try to get underwater ASAP - you will feel better!
• Eat Bananas (they’re easier on your throat coming back up).

Have sea sickness suggestions? Let us know and we'll add them to this page!




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